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The Monarch Advantage

At Monarch Machining we’re ready to provide our customers with a significant competitive advantage. Monarch Machining ties together innovative management and a state-of-the-art processing facility to the best service and we can do so at significant cost savings.

Whether it’s rising costs or improved quality and delivery expectations, the need for a strong, strategic outsourcing partner is more important than ever. Monarch Machining can meet all of your company’s machining, fabricating, burning and assembly needs at one site. Our equipment capabilities and integrated services allow our customers to outsource nearly any project for a fraction of the total cost of increasing capacity.

At our 100,000 sq. ft. facility in the heart of the steel industry, we have the capabilities to meet all your plate and steel service needs in one location.

Monarch Machining’s facilities are backed by the latest equipment, dedicated staff, and strong leadership. Our project management expertise enables Monarch Machining to complete even the most complex outsourcing projects on-time and on-budget, giving our customers freedom to focus valuable resources on growth within their own business.

Throughout the entire production process, Monarch Machining promises a steadfast commitment to quality and reliability. We maintain a thorough quality assurance program in each area of operation. Each member of our staff adheres to strict professional standards and we continually invest in the latest equipment and technologies to ensure superior results. Our products will never reach your hands until they pass a rigorous inspection process and meet every one of your specifications.

With costs on the rise and an increasing demand for improved product quality and timely delivery, the need for a strong outsourcing partner is more important than ever. Monarch Machining can help your company overcome the most pressing issues of modern manufacturing operations.

Monarch Machining’s integrated services allow customers to outsource nearly any project for a fraction of the total cost of increasing internal capacity. Our proven processes ensure the completion of even the most complex projects on-time and on-budget, giving you the freedom to focus valuable time and resources on your own business growth.

Proven Production Process

As your trusted outsourcing partner, Monarch Machining follows a set process throughout the production process to ensure your completed project meets all of your specifications and is delivered on-time.

Real-Time Production Control

Monarch Machining maintains production control electronically by a scheduling system that plans each job based on machine cycle, lead and queue times. Monarch Machining achieves real-time control of the manufacturing process through daily review of raw material inventory, flow of product through production and updates of customer delivery requirements. This assures reliable shipping schedules.

Just-in-Time Delivery

We know that a missed shipment may shut down a customer’s line. That’s why our electronic systems update delivery requirements and document customer requirements in real-time. Project managers also meet regularly with plant managers to review and update production schedules.

Throughout North America and beyond, our customers continue to rely on Monarch Machining over other suppliers. The reason: Monarch Machining’s commitment to on-time delivery and superior quality.

Why should you outsource with Monarch Machining?

  • Provide improved quality and delivery in the face of increasing global competition
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce capital investment
  • Obtain processes that are not available internally
  • Redirect resources from non-core activities to those that better serve your customer
  • To share risk; companies that outsource become more flexible, dynamic and adaptable
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